Rain Pants

Rain Pants

Gerbing Men’s Waterproof & Heated Over-Pants 

Gerbing has recently released new models of the Extreme Element line of their products.  The ones that I use are a few years old and I have not had the opportunity to evaluate the current model, but you can still get the original “Extreme Element” style rain pants on ebay and some stores.  Obviously anyone that is riding in the cold and rain enough quickly realizes that chaps just won’t cut it anymore.  If it’s just cold, you can get away with a nice set of Freeze-Out long Johns under your jeans, but if it’s raining or sub 30 degree’s I recommend using these.


These rain pants are very waterproof and warm.  Technically they are “heated” so you can plug them in if you want to, but I have only done that twice in the last three years.  They are so warm, it’s just not necessary.  These pants are nice and thick, great zippers, Velcro around the boots that works and a solid design that makes putting them on, over your boots and pants, trivial;  super fast and easy to equip them.  They are very comfortable as well.  They hold up to the rain with ease and the outside pockets are waterproof as well.  Giving you easy access to your phone, wallet, keys etc…  They legs are designed to stand up to exhaust heat as well.


The appearance is pretty basic, they are black with a couple small logo’s for Gerbing on the pocket and belt line.  No rain pants are going to be “sexy” or attractive, but these look good considering they are an outer layer that is keeping you warm and dry.


50,000 miles, at least, in the pouring rain and they still work like the day I bought them.  No noticeable fading, but it’s not like they get much sun exposure.  Seams are still solid after all the hours and miles.  Velcro still works and no tears or rips even after taking them on and off 100’s of times.  They will eat up a chunk of your saddle bag if you are carrying them around with you, but in my opinion it’s very worth it.

-Half Tank

Gerbing Over-Pants









  • Warm
  • Really waterproof
  • Easy to put on


  • Expensive

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