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Harley-Davidson® Men's Cross Roads Waterproof Fleece Riding Jacket 98542-14VM


Harley-Davidson® Men’s Cross Roads Waterproof Fleece Riding Jacket Part#98542-14VM

I came across this jacket based on a recommendation from a friend. I already own 4 different leather jackets from Harley and thought they did a decent job until I started using this jacket. It makes all the leather ones pale in comparison. The added bonus is that it’s one of the cheapest Harley-Davidson riding jackets, and yet performs the best.


It is truly water proof, I have ridden 10,000+ miles in the rain wearing it, often 3-4 hours of constant rain in a single stretch. When you reach your destination this jacket dries very fast; easily within an hour. When it comes to the cold, this jacket holds your body heat in and keeps all the wind out. I have ridden for hours in sub 35 degree’s wearing it and it works excellent. The strings at the bottom of the jacket allow for a tight fit around your waist preventing updrafts and any wind from entering the jacket.

While not technically “performance” the fact that it is fleece means that when you decide to take it off, or if you want to just bring it along for the ride, it will roll up much smaller and take up much less room in your saddle bag then a leather jacket does.


They make two versions of this jacket. The one pictured is all black, but they also make a version with the traditional shield and bar in orange on the back. This jacket comes with a zip off hood that I rarely use, when riding a hood is useless and when I reach my destination I rarely need to attach it. If you use this jacket as a riding jacket expect to take off the hoodie and never re-attach it. The jacket is reflective at night and is spotted easily from behind.


The jacket itself seems to hold up well, I have 45,000 miles on my first one and 22,000 on my new one; I lost some weight and needed a smaller size. The one gripe I have is that the black color seems to fade faster than I would like; much faster than leather does. I have squeezed this jacket into the smallest of spaces, crumpled it up, stretched it out to fit in odd places and it still works like the day I got it.

-Half Tank

Cross Roads Waterproof Fleece









  • Light weight
  • Warm
  • Low cost


  • Fades from the sun

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