Heat Demon

Heat Demon Heated Grips

Heat Demon Heated Grips

Heat Demon makes heated kits for all kinds of things, but the one we are interested in is Heat Demon Heated Grips for motorcycles.  Cost for most models is around ~$170.


Heat Demon kits go inside your existing handle bars.  They heat from the inside out, so it takes a bit longer for the heat to reach your hands when you first turn them on then the Harley-Davidson grips.  Since the heat is coming from inside your bar, it’s important to think about the type of grip you are going to use.  While technically you can use any grip you want with Heat Demons, the chrome\rubber deign will determine how evenly distributed your heat is.  Obviously a solid rubber or solid meta grip will heat evenly, but if you have some rubber, some metal in your grip, the heat will be uneven.  Not a huge deal but something to keep in mind.  In my experience I have found that grips with more rubber result in higher levels of heat.

The switch for control is accessed with your left thumb and will be located just above your turn signals. There are four modes.


Since you can use any grip you want, you can keep the ones you have today and just turn them into heated grips.  This is handy for people with specific grip styles.  So the appearance is whatever you want it to be.


Since the switch is located in the blinker housing, this design does not fall prey to the rust that the Harley-Davidson model’s have.  I have installed Heat Demons on 4 different bikes now and I have never had a pair wear out or stop working in several years of usage.  I highly recommend these over the Harley-Davidson version.

-Half Tank

Heat Demon Heated Grips









  • Use any grip you want
  • Very durable
  • Price


  • Not as warm as HD version
  • Slower to heat up