Heated Grips

While technically not gear, heated grips are a critical part of staying comfortable during cold weather riding. So I am including them in the Motorcycle Gear section of my reviews.  I have 1000’s of miles and several years experience with two different heated grip manufactures; Harley-Davidson and Heat Demon.  I have used several models from both of them in rain, snow, ice, freezing cold etc…  These two manufactures approach the problem from very different perspectives.   The cost difference is about $100 less for Heat Demons vs. Harley-Davidson, but in both cases they are generally cheaper or the same price as heated gloves yet are always available.  The bonus is you don’t have to deal with wires and you are not stuck with a specific glove type, you can wear what you want\need and still have warmth.

I personally do not use heated gloves, I find that a good pair of gloves combined with the heated grips is enough for even the coldest days. I also appreciate the flexibility of not having to run the wires or deal with the controller clipped to my pants or jacket etc.  Everyone I know who has taken the time to do heated grips loves them and never regrets it.

-Half Tank