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360 Eyewear Raven Gun Metal Diamond Plate

I came across the 360 Eyewear glasses at the Seattle Motorcycle Show. They had a booth and dozens of glasses out in many lens and frame colors and sizes. For me the first thing I noticed was the blue reflective lenses. Two of my friends were also interested and we worked a deal to buy three sets of glasses for a group discount. I use the large Raven model with blue reflective lenses and the large Raven with HD lenses.  You can find details at their site located at


These glasses bring a huge improvement in visibility, you have 100% of your peripheral vision which is critical on a motorcycle. They work very well in bright sunlight as well as normal days. They fog the same as all other glasses but you can use the FogTech Anti-Fog compound to help reduce that. The aluminum frames allow you to bend the arms to an exact fit. The extra weight of the glasses means they have almost zero movement from the wind. If you are tired of your glasses bouncing around from the wind, these are a solution. I was hit by a rock at 90 MPH in the left eye, these glasses did not shatter, the lens cracked as expected but my eye was unharmed.

I have a 2nd pair that are my “clears” or nighttime riding glasses. They use the “HD” lenses and are outstanding for night time riding. They really enhance the lighting. I use the 360 case they come in as the carry case in my saddle bag. I just swap them out as necessary.


You have quite a selection of colors, models, lens etc… so the appearance is configurable by you. The HD lenses actually look much more like the “Fire” lenses and don’t really have any blue in them and they are not reflective which I found a bit annoying but they perform excellent.


The frames hold up very well, and the lenses have average durability. The only real pain point is that changing lenses when you get one that is cracked or scratched is a real pain. The lenses do not snap in easily and are very difficult to make fit correctly. So don’t expect to changes lenses when you want to switch from darks to clears for night riding; you will need different glasses.

-Half Tank

360 Eyewear









  • Great View Angle
  • Cool Look


  • Cost
  • Lens scratch easy


  • Robert Brundell says:

    Personally I like ICICLES better. These frames from 360 are made in China. The ICICLES stuff is made in Italy and the quality is much better. The model I ride with is called the Bagger. You can find them at

    • Half Tank says:

      Originally they were the same company. I will order a pair from Icicles and do some comparison, thanks for the heads up.

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