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Men’s Windshielder Gauntlet Gloves Part Number 98158-95VM

Every rider knows that Motorcycle Gloves are a critical part of gear. Cold hands can ruin the enjoyment of a ride faster than anything else. These gloves are the best I have found for cold weather. Some people might prefer heated motorcycle gloves, but I find that using heated grips in conjunction with these motorcycle gloves works excellent and offers significantly more flexibility. No wires, ability to turn on the heat during a ride as the temp drops, significantly cheaper than heated gloves (even with buying the heated grips).

These gloves are not water proof but they easily hold up to light rain. I personally carry two pairs so that if I do end up in rain for a significant amount of time, I have a dry warm pair for the ride back or to swap out to. I have tried many different “water proof” gloves and found that they always lack warmth at the expense of being water proof. These gloves combined with heated grips offers the best solution I have been able to find.


Very comfortable and warm, while still decent at being able to use the controls for radio, blinkers, etc.. They also seem to function well with the Harley touch screens on the newer bikes. They do a great job at blocking the wind and since they are leather you can treat them for water resistance if you desire.


Black leather with a subtle Harley logo. As they fade they will get a purple tint to them but that will take 100,000 miles of usage, at least it did for me.


The seams and leather hold up well to weather and wear. The insulation is still warm after 60,000 miles and 3 years of almost daily usage. I currently own three pairs of these motorcycle gloves, I wear one, carry a spare set in my saddle bag and have a set at home, just in case.

-Half Tank

Windshielder Gauntlet Gloves









  • Warm
  • Comfortable


  • Not Waterproof

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