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Welcome to Revenant Faction.  Over the last 10 years I have ridden an average of 15-20,000 miles per year.  This often includes daily riding in pouring rain, freezing cold, blistering heat, heavy winds, ice, snow, etc…  Here in Washington State it is common for it to rain 200+ days a year and temperatures fluctuate from the 20’s in the winter to the 90’s in the summer.  Every year I also spend time riding in Arizona, Nevada, California and other locations where it is often 100+ degrees out.  Having the most effective motorcycle gear is crucial if you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent possible.

I have purchased and tried 100’s of pieces of motorcycle gear over the years, of all types, from dozens of manufactures.  My goal is to find and use the best motorcycle gear possible to provide riding comfort, while still maintaining a traditional MC style, in these diverse weather conditions. Initially I tried to find quality/detailed reviews on gear that really works; reviews that spent significant time trying the gear out and in all weather conditions.  My search resulted in failure, there were no reviews based on real world, all weather usage for gear designed for these challenges.  Most reviewers tried a piece of gear for a day, weekend or at best a week but that’s completely insufficient for making decisions when some gear costs hundred’s of dollars.

May times gear can work great for a few weeks, or in certain weather conditions and you need to put it through a serious test if you are going to recommend it.  All of my reviews are performed after a minimum of 6 months and 5,000 miles of near daily usage is all weather types possible. Only if the gear is failing horribly do I stop trying it out and give up on it, and if I do I will include that in my review.

It is my hope that sharing my experience along with the experience of other members of Revenant Faction will help guide you to saving money and time by getting the right gear from the beginning.  If you think I am missing something that is awesome, please let me know.  I am always looking for great gear options so I will buy it and try it out.

-Half Tank

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